Acoustic Campaign Integration Station

Setting up API access – Acoustic Campaign

Table of Contents (TOC) Creating a User Username Create a campaign Create application access Application account access Security Keys Associate user with application In order to use the Phrasee – Acoustic Campaign integration app we need you to set up a user and application access for Phrasee. This is done as described below. These settings […]

Cancel a campaign – Acoustic Campaign

Cancelling Acoustic Campaign split tests (oops!) Should there be any errors in the scheduling of the emails “pushed” from Phrasee to Acoustic Campaign, or if you selected the wrong date or time for delivery, the following steps need to be followed to cancel all your scheduled emails. Login to your Acoustic Campaign account and unscheduled […]

Segment audiences – Acoustic Campaign.

Table of Contents (TOC) Overview Setting up database segmentation Segmenting the database Select Columns Define Segments Submit Data Job Creating permanent queries Selection criteria Final send query Getting query ID’s Overview So you’ve decided to create segmented audiences in Acoustic Campaign… That’s a great idea. Here’s how you can make it happen. Defining your database […]

Create a Phrasee campaign – Acoustic Campaign.

Table of Contents (TOC) Overview Campaign creation Create a campaign Campaign names Template Suppression lists Human control subject line Campaign details Approve subject lines Final subject lines Time to send test emails Final send wait time Send time optimisation Summary of workflow Cancelling the send Overview So you’ve decided to create a Phrasee-integrated campaign for […]