Cancelling campaigns

Campaign scheduled, Split tests HAVE been sent, Final email HAS been sent.

The only opportunity to cancel a send like this is if your campaign had send throttling enabled. You will have to look in the User-Initiated sends folder for your email. If not all the emails have been sent the status of the email will be in progress and you can pause or cancel the send […]

Campaign scheduled, split tests HAVE been sent, Final email NOT sent

In this case do NOT reschedule your campaign from Phrasee this will resend the split tests, duplicating the email to those users in the split test group. Is the final email in the Tracking folder? (There is a 15 minute window to be able to cancel the final send) The final email is created 15 […]

Campaign scheduled, Split tests have NOT been sent.

Login to the Phrasee app in Salesforce Marketing Cloud select the campaign you need to cancel. Scheduled campaigns show the “Cancel sends” button. Click the “Cancel scheduled emails” button Reschedule you emails